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We supply an extensive range of irrigation supplies
We supply an extensive range of garden and outdoor lighting fixtures and supplies
We supply outdoor ponds and suitable pumps
We supply a range of tank and aquarium fittings
We supply an extensive range of landscape supplies

DIY Irrigation - Buy irrigation supplies online Australia wide.

Important: Prices shown in our DIY online store are calculated differently to prices you will be given in our retail store.

You cannot order online and arrange pick up from our store. Online orders must be delivered to you via our delivery service.

Micro Fittings

Micro Fittings are small sprays that are installed on the top of short tubes known as 'rigid risers' although they can also be fixed directly to the pipe.

Sprayers come in a variety of spray patterns including full, half and quarter circle as well as strip-sprays that spray a narrow strip either side of the sprayhead. There are also small taps available that allow you to vary the amount of water flow making the sprayers adjustable.

Sprinker systems generally use more water than drip systems but do allow you to see that the water is being delivered and that the system is working.

You can purchase these micro fittings at our online irrigation store.

Single Piece Jets

Single piece jets are economical fan spray jets that offer effective watering.


  • Winged base with “Quick” thread for rapid and easy installation
  • No tools required
  • Choice of three spray patterns – 360°, 180°, 90°
  • Four color coded flow rates

Suitable for home and landscaped gardens and horticultural applications.

Purchase Single Piece Jets online

Single Piece Jets

Micro Fittings & Adapters

Essential components in low pressure micro irrigation systems. Used in conjunction with standard low pressure tubing. Antelco are practical and durable. Rigid Risers raise the height of irrigation emitters and act as a drop tube to suspended emitters.


  • Micro fittings single barb connection
  • Rigid Risers in three convenient lengths
  • UV stabilized materials for long life

Home gardens, landscaping, glasshouses and hanging baskets.

Purchase Micro Fittings and Adapters online

Micro Fittings & Adapters

Micro Spray Misters

Micro Spray MistersTwo piece jets with precise watering patterns. Achieve effective performance at low pressure (100 kPa).


  • Winged base for easy hand installation
  • No separate tools required
  • Caps feature a snap ring which firmly engages the base

Wide range including home gardens, landscaped gardens, horticultural and viticultural crops.

Purchase Micro Spay Misters online


Vari JetsValve adjusts radius of throw and reduces flow.


  • Vari-Jets™ available in four spray patterns
  • Residential range coloured for easy identification

Home gardens and landscaping. Vari-Mist™ is ideal for overhead watering of plants in hanging baskets.

Purchase Vari-Jets online

DAN Modular Sprinklers

Complete range of micro-sprinklers and micro-jets. A sturdy, professional, agricultural quality sprinkler which has great flexibility and is easy to install. It's modular design spray head has plug and play colour coded spreaders/swivels and nozzles.

Unlimited combinations of flow rates and wetting patterns for:

  • Irrigation in orchards, vegetables and gardens
  • Irrigation in greenhouses and shade houses
  • Cooling of poultry and livestock

Main features:

  • Wide range of wetted diameters and flow rates
  • Full- and part-circle patterns
  • Small, medium or large droplets produced by differentsprayers, swivels or anti-mist devices

Purchase DAN Modular Sprinklers online

DAN Modular Sprinklers

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