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We supply an extensive range of irrigation supplies
We supply an extensive range of garden and outdoor lighting fixtures and supplies
We supply outdoor ponds and suitable pumps
We supply a range of tank and aquarium fittings
We supply an extensive range of landscape supplies

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Rural Fittings

Philmac Rural FittingsPhilmac offers an extensive variety of the highest quality pipe fittings to meet the majority of applications. The range includes Metric, UTC and Rural compression fitting ranges and has now been augmented to include Gas compression, JIS standard fittings and Imperial OD compression. A comprehensive range of corrosion free polypropylene BSP Threaded fittings is also offered.

Rural Sizes

Philmac Rural with distinctively coloured terracotta inserts is the latest generation fitting specifically designed for joining Australian rural pipe. Manufactured from tough, high performance plastics with excellent UV, impact and corrosion resistance. It makes joining polypipe so simple - all you need is a hacksaw, a mallet and a pair of hands.

Buy these Rural Fittings Online at DIY Irrigation, our online irrigation store.

End Connectors - MaleEnd Connectors - Male

Philmac Rural Male End Connectors for joining rural pipe to a bsp female threaded connection.

End Connectors - FemaleEnd Connectors - Female

Philmac Rural Female End Connectors for joining rural pipe to a bsp male threaded connection.

Rural JoinersRural Joiners

Philmac Rural Joiners for straight connections of the same sized pipe.

Reducing JoinersReducing Joiners

Use Philmac Rural Reducing joiners for straight connections of different sized pipes.


Philmac Rural Elbows for making a 90 degree connection to the same sized pipe.

Elbows - FemaleElbows - Female

Philmac Rural Female Elbows for making a 90 degree joint to a male threaded connection.

Elbows - 45°Elbows - 45°

Philmac Rural 45 degree Elbows for making a 45 degree connection to the same sized pipe.

Rural TeesTees

Philmac Rural Tees for making an off-take connection of the same size pipe.

Tees - FemaleTees - Female

Philmac Rural Female Tees for making a female threaded off-take connection to a male threaded pipe.

End CapsEnd Caps

Philmac Rural End Caps for blocking off the end of rural pipe system.

Blanking Plug SetBlanking Plug Set

Philmac Rural Blanking Plug Sets for blocking off the end of a rural pipe system.

Metric Sizes

Philmac Metric size fittingsPhilmac Metric is the fastest, easiest most reliable connector for joining metric polyethylene pipe. It's three times faster than conventional compression fittings because there's no pipe preparation, no fiddling with loose components - you just slide in the pipe, tighten the nut and the job is done. The fitting is made from high performance polypropylene and provides outstanding resistance to chemicals, impact and corrosion. We stock a large variety of Metric Threaded sizes including the following, call for details.

End Connectors - Male
End Connectors - Female
End Connectors Poly to Copper
Elbows - Female
Elbows - 45°
Elbows UTC (Copper/GI/PVC)
Elbows - Poly to Copper
Tees Poly to Copper
Tees - UTC Female Transition (Copper/GI/PVC)
Reducing Joiners
End Caps

BSP Threaded Sizes

Philmac BSP fittings rangePhilmac's expanded BSP fittings range are tough, long-lasting plastic threaded fittings. Our plugs, bushes, nipples, sockets, tees, elbows and caps are manufactured from high performance polypropylene for superior chemical and corrosion resistance at working pressures up to 1600kPa. We stock a large variety of BSP Threaded sizes including the following, call for details.

Tees - Female
Elbows - Male x Female
Elbows - Female
Reducing Nipples
Reducing Sockets

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