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Oase Preformed PondsOase Preformed Formal Ponds

  • Robust HDPE-pond for pond sizes up to 1,000 litres
  • Modern, squared appearance
  • High wall thickness
  • Robust edge (45 cm high)

Oase Formal Pond 140L

Oase Formal Pond 280L

Oase Formal Pond 430L

Oase Formal Pond 140L 21375
140 litres
400mm x 800mm x 450mm

Oase Formal Pond 280L 21376
280 litres
800mm x 800mm x 450mm

Oase Formal Pond 430L 21377
430 litres
1200mm x 800mm x 450mm

Oase Formal Pond 860L



Oase Formal Pond 860L 21378
860 litres
1200mm x 1600mm x 450mm


A prefabricated pond may not suite your requirements. Click on Pond Liners to find out whats involved in setting up a pond using a liner. Or Pumps & Accessories to find out what else needs to be considered.

POND DISCLAIMER: Pictures of ponds are a guide only and actual appearance may be slightly different. Sizes are supplied to us by the manufactuers and are subject to change.

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