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Rainwater Tanks – Harvesting the rain!

Rainwater tanks are no longer just huge, round and ugly; they come in all shapes and sizes to suit the urban and suburban home.

Watering the garden and washing the car with rainwater make sense and cut your consumption of mains water. But bigger savings can be made if you connect the tank to your toilet, washing machine or hot water system.

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Australia is the driest inhabited continent and predictions are that the future is likely to get hotter and drier. So it’s all the more frightening that, per person, we’re the biggest water consumers in the world.

But drinking water is scarce. Of all the water in the world, only 1% is fresh water available for use. So it’s hard to justify that we waste so much of this precious resource on things that don’t really require good drinking water. Garden irrigation and toilet flushing, for example, apparently guzzle up around half the water we consume.

Using rainwater for these things, or recycled greywater from our baths and laundries, would make much more sense.

The potential benefits of installing a rainwater tank are plentiful, and you don’t need to live in a wet or tropical area to reap them.

With a rainwater tank, you’ll:

Collect most of the rain (around 80%) that falls onto the areas of your roof you have connected to gutters and downpipes into your tank. For example, if 10 mm of rain falls on to 100 m2 of roof you’ll ‘harvest’ about 800 L of rainwater. That’s about as much as an average Sydney household of three would use in a day if they made no efforts to save water. If they did, they’d get their consumption down to around 500–600 L a day.

Reduce your consumption of mains water and, in the long term, cut your water bill.

Lower your impact on the environment by reducing your demand on mains water as well as the amount of stormwater runoff into rivers and oceans.

‘Harvest’ water that tastes better and is generally less salty, which is better for appliances and plants.

The Coolibah 2000L

Nylex DownUnda™

Bladder Tank™

Plastanks™ and Puratanks™

Being one of the largest suppliers of irrigation systems in Sydney we are more than confident we can help you with your selection of an appropriate rainwater tank.

We can supply you with a full range of options. Below is a list of tank sizes, but if you don't see what you are after, or you are unsure of your requirements – call us on 02 9529 6512 to discuss your needs.

Nylex Rainwater Tanks

We are a supplier of Nylex Rainwater Tanks. Nylex is an iconic Australian brand that has long been associated with quality products and service. Nylex Rainwater Tanks allow you to capture rainwater and use it when you need it.

Nylex Rainwater Tanks are designed to meet all relevant Australian standards. Every tank is manufactured from high-quality, UV-stabilised food-grade polyethylene. With a strong one-piece construction, Nylex tanks are manufactured to last in both domestic and rural applications – supported by a 15 year warranty on all above-ground tanks.

Visit their website to view their product range and specifications.

Nylex Water Tanks

330 Litre Rectangle – 400mm W x 1000mm L
600 Litre Slimline – 620mm x 1220mm Oval
900 Litre – 810mm Diameter
1000 Litre Squat – 1130mm Diameter
1100 Litre Slimline – 620mm x 1220mm Oval
1600 Litre Slimline – 800mm x 1500mm Oval
2000 Litre Coolibah – 1780mm W x 724mm L
2100 Litre Slimline – 810mm W x 2060mm L Oval
2250 Litre – 1400mm Diameter
5000 Litre – 1850 Diameter
9000 Litre – 2400mm Diameter
10000 Litre – 2700mm Diameter
13500 Litre – 2950mm Diameter
18000 Litre – 3500mm Diameter
22700 Litre – 3500mm Diameter
30000 Litre – 4120mm Diameter
45400 Litre – 4400mm Diameter

Nylex Underground Tanks

5000 Litre 3500mm W x 2800mm L

Nylex Bladder Tanks

2100 Litres 1300mm W x 4000mm L

Water Tank Stands

330 Litre Wall Mount Kit Brick Only
330 Litre 700mm High
600 Litre 600mm High
1000 Litre 600mm High

Images supplied by Nylex

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