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We supply an extensive range of irrigation supplies

We supply an extensive range of garden and outdoor lighting fixtures and supplies
We supply outdoor ponds and suitable pumps
We supply a range of tank and aquarium fittings
uPVC Fittings
Valves, Strainers, Nut & Tails, Directors, Unions
Brass Gate, Ball Valves, Risers

Hozelock Aquatics

Oase Pumps

Rena Pumps

Tank and Aquarium Fttings

Brass Gate & Ball Valves | Pol Threaded Risers

Brass gate and ball valves are used to stop or regulate the flow. Poly threaded risers are used inside aquariums to connect filters and so it can disguised into the background. They are also used in irrigation systems for spray heads.

Brass Gate Valve

BGV20  3/4" BSP
BGV25  1" BSP
BGV32  1-1/4" BSP
BGV40  1-1/2" BSP
BGV50  2" BSP

Brass Ball Valve

BBV15  1/2" BSP
BBV20  3/4" BSP
BBV25  1" BSP
BBV32  1-1/4" BSP
BBV40  1-1/2" BSP
BBV50  2" BSP

Brass Bibcock

BIBHRC20 3/4" x 1" BSP Hose Cock

Hansen Nut Washer

HWASH15  15mm
HWASH20  20mm
HWASH25  25mm
HWASH32  32mm
HWASH40  40mm
HWASH50  50mm

Murray Stainless Steel Hose Clamp

MM5SS 8 – 23mm
H10SS  14 – 27mm
H12SS  18 – 32mm
H16SS  19 – 38mm
H20SS 21 – 44mm
H24SS 27 – 51mm
H32SS 40 – 64mm
H40SS 52 – 76mm
H48SS 65 – 89mm

Poly All Threaded Riser

PR15300T 300mm x 1/2" BSP
PR20300T  300mm x 3/4" BSP
PR25300T  300mm x 1" BSP
PR32300T  300mm x 1-1/4" BSP
PR40300T  300mm x 1-1/2" BSP
PR50300T  300mm x 2" BSP

Poly Threaded Riser

PR1575  75mm x 1/2" BSP
PR15100  100mm x 1/2" BSP
PR15150   150mm x 1/2" BSP
PR15200  200mm x 1/2" BSP
PR15300  300mm x 1/2" BSP
PR15450  450mm x 1/2" BSP
PR15600  600mm x 1/2" BSP
PR15900  900mm x 1/2" BSP
PR151200  1200mm x 1/2" BSP
PR151500  1500mm x 1/2" BSP
PR151800  1800mm x 1/2" BSP
PR20100  100mm x 3/4" BSP
PR20150  150mm x 3/4" BSP
PR20200  200mm x 3/4" BSP
PR20300  300mm x 3/4" BSP
PR20450  450mm x 3/4" BSP
PR20600  600mm x 3/4" BSP
PR20900  900mm x 3/4" BSP
PR201200  1200mm x 3/4" BSP
PR201500  1500mm x 3/4" BSP
PR201800  1800mm x 3/4" BSP
PR25100  100mm x 1" BSP 
PR25200  200mm x 1" BSP 
PR25300  300mm x 1" BSP 
PR25450  450mm x 1" BSP 
PR25600  600mm x 1" BSP 
PR25900  900mm x 1" BSP 
PR251200  1200mm x 1" BSP

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